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Can you share with us your experience in working alongside with lawmakers on cryptocurrency regulation.We had over the last couple of months the possibility to get to know and learn to value each other in the context of the community activities of our local Bitcoin community here in Saigon.I believe that a wide adoption of Blockchain technology and the solutions provided by our company will secure a positive future for Vietnam individuals, their families, their communities and the world.So I went on with it and got myself some fresh orange juice, a sandwich, and a box of Smints (nobody wants to have bad breath at a conference).I used Breadwallet, a very popular Bitcoin wallet for Android and iOS, which calculates your transaction fees automatically.

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From Netherlands, he sent us an email telling a very interesting experience, both personal and professional.The company happened to be located right down the street from our production office.

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So, it only describes the mining part of its, not the whole picture.

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The new Director of Marketing, Steven Snipper, originally from New York, USA.

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We have an opportunity to use this technology to create value for the people who are participants of the networks and disrupt the existing paradigms.At the end of day two, all the speakers, attendees, and organisers got together in Stadsvilla Sonsbeek for a barbeque and some drinks.

Ham Tran: I just felt like there are enough people around me using it and the whole condition at the time was really supporting it.

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After finishing my lunch I hurried towards the WTC hoping that some of the bright minds at the conference would have come up with solutions for the network congestions causing these high transaction fees.Thanks to Bitkassa, a Dutch company similar to Bitpay, more than 150 merchants now accept Bitcoin payments in Arnhem.

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The price went up more than 10 times since we released the film.